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Dressing Up to Stay at Home for the Holidays

Dressing Up to Stay Home - Dress Up to Stay In

With nearly all holiday season events being cancelled across Canada most households are forced (or opting) to stay home this December. For a large number of women this is downright devastating. After all, what is more fun that dressing up for all to see during this most wonderful time of the year? 

Well, we’re here to tell you that all is not lost - not by a long shot. How? Because you can absolutely put on your best dress and accessories to ring in the season. The only difference is that you’ll be enjoying your ensemble from the comforts of home. Is there a point? Yes, and here’s why.

3 Reasons Why You Should Still Dress Up Even When Staying In for the 2020 Holiday Season

Virtual Parties 

You may not be able to dress up and strut your stuff in the hall or ballroom of an upscale hotel for the holidays, but you don’t need a venue to make a splash this season. Holiday parties are going virtual this year, connecting friends, family, coworkers, and others over shared digital screens. That means you will see and be seen all the same, even if it’s over a WiFi connection. 

Do you want to be clad in PJs or cheesy holiday sweaters? Or do you want to put your best foot forward and dress to impress? Virtual parties present the perfect opportunity to dress to the nines and show off your newest cocktail party attire for all on the other side of the camera to admire.

If you haven’t received an invite for a virtual party yet this season, be the one to start/host one, and make it formal so that all invitees follow suit.

Photo-Opps Don’t Stop

Even if in-person events and gatherings were taking place this season the means of “documenting” the memories would be the same as they are now - photos. But instead of ornately decorated backdrops of upscale establishments your living room is stepping in to fill the void. Take the opportunity to put on your best outfits and snap photos in front of your own decor while mingling with those in your household (who can also dress up!) as you enjoy homemade cocktails, appetizers, and good music together.

Even better, is that because you’re at home you can change into multiple outfits and create an entire album of fashion photos in one single evening. You’ll have enough content to post on Instagram through all 12 Days of Christmas, 8 Days & Nights of Hanukkah, and beyond!

Because It Feels Good

Look good, feel good. This is not just an expression but a fact. Numerous studies have shown that when you dress (and accessorize) your best you feel at your best. Can you think of any other time in history when we’ve needed a boost in mood more than here at the tail end of 2020? 

At the very least, set aside the weekend evenings (Fridays and Saturdays) for the remainder of December and dress in fashionable formal wear and take note of how much better you feel. Complement your attire with some fine at-home dining and splurge by treating yourself to that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special event. 

Extra Tip

Don’t just rely on what you have in the closet when dressing up to stay at home this holiday season. If you were attending a big event you would head out to the mall to buy a new dress, so do the same for when staying in. But instead of your local shopping center you can find the fashions you desire online at DASY European Style Boutique. We have cocktail dresses (click here and here), gold sequin evening tops (click here), and more. View our current collection.

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~ Happy Holidays to You All ~