About DASY European Style Boutique

DASY breathed, created and created fashion for 35 years in a row!
Every day we recreate the experience of DASY, his passion for fashion,
Joy of work and joy of life.

The inspiration for the designers of DASY has always been women themselves. All types of women.
Women of all ages and sizes. For us, they are all worthy of admiration, and DASY glorifies the female body to the end.

With the creation of a new collection, we strive to continue to innovate and delight our customers so that they love us in every way. Answers as if for the first time.

Our focus is on creating contemporary looks that combine comfort, freshness, confidence and success, consistent with everyday life. The modern woman. Our style is bolder and more original, and therefore more interesting and individual, based on universal trends, but gives them a local urban interpretation.

During the design process, we take into account more than one aspect. We think about the female body and the cut that best suits her, we think about the highest quality fabrics. And for a careful manufacturing process, we specialize in large sizes and connect You need to feel comfortable and especially to smile, because your smile tells us almost everything.